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Heinerth, a diver, photographer, and filmmaker, is one of the few women in the rarefied field of underwater cave exploration, a “sport” that claims more deaths than mountain climbing. Feeling at home in water as she seldom does on land, Heinerth finds an exhilarating freedom when plunged miles below the surface—despite being strapped into equipment weighing as much as 250+ pounds. In her astounding memoir she recounts her record-breaking dives to map cave networks around the world, including, most spectacularly—and dangerously—her exploration of “the largest moving object on earth,” the Antarctic’s B-15 iceberg. But Heinerth’s rich descriptions of otherworldly seascapes, the fascinating glimpses of the technology that makes long, deep dives possible, her tales of the adventures involved in just getting to the dive sites, and the chilling reports of illness, accidents, and fatalities, are only half her story. The other half is the self-scrutiny of a talented, ambitious woman struggling with doubt, insecurity, and rampant sexism even as she sets records, leads dangerous projects, and proves herself over and over again. Launched into diving as a way to manage two traumatizing experiences when she was in college, she found her calling when she “learned to embrace fear as a positive catalyst in my life.”

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ISBN: 9780062691545
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Published: Ecco - August 20th, 2019

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Dust off the fedora, grab your leather jacket, and bust out the old whip! In Douglas Preston’s new book The Lost City of the Monkey God you’ll find adventures few tomb raiders have ever experienced. Preston goes searching for a lost city long rumored to be located in the near-impenetrable jungles of Honduras. Not content to just tell his own story, Preston also vividly relates the history of over one hundred years worth of expeditions mounted in search of this mythical city. This book is filled with so much adventure it would make even Indiana Jones swoon.

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ISBN: 9781455540006
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Published: Grand Central Publishing - January 3rd, 2017

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“One of the ongoing English peculiarities, it seems, is that success is not remembered as much as disaster.” And so it is that most of us have been captivated by Ernest Shackleton’s efforts to cross the Antarctic continent (tenacious, heroic, yet terribly unsuccessful), and yet likely know next to nothing about this quest’s cheerful completion in 1958. The Crossing of Antarctica: Original Photographs from the Epic Journey That Fulfilled Shackleton’s Dream (Thames & Hudson, $40) should reverse this state of affairs and reignite curiosity in mid-century exploration and its “forgotten hero,” New Zealander George Lowe. Lowe’s camera work and mountain skill on the Everest expedition earned him a spot on the Trans-Antarctic Expedition four years later. Lowe was in the process of committing his life to paper with Huw Lewis-Jones when he passed away in 2013, leaving an incredible trove of reflections and unpublished photographs, gathered here for the first time. Crisp, stunningly still images of ice are included alongside artful portraits and action shots that capture the human aspects of the expedition, in its equally infinite tedium and camaraderie. Accompanying essays form a prose montage of Antarctic exploration, fleshing out the passion, prosaicness, and peculiarities of the polar itch amongst those who have followed in George Lowe’s footsteps.
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ISBN: 9780500252024
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Published: Thames & Hudson - September 16th, 2014