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Interventions by John Edmond McPhee


Our understanding of reality has continually changed since humans evolved to the point where they could examine it.  We have left no aspect untouched, from the broad expanse of the universe to the smallest elements of matter, from the human body’s molecular composition to our consciousness.

Mary Brightwood is a genetic biologist.  Happily married to Dan, she has a career at the cutting edge of science.  Like most people, she is confident about her reality until she has a dream-like encounter with the mysterious Juan.  What he tells her radically changes her perception of reality and who she is.  Was it all a dream or was it something else?

Searching for an answer, Mary turns to an old friend, Robert Whitehorse, a theoretical physicist, who can communicate with the spirits of his Navajo ancestors.  The spirits’ obscure message from years ago to Robert is now clear and it confirms a nightmarish reality not only for Mary, but for all humanity.

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