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avant-garde by rachaunn ruffin


A lawyer has to prove his client's innocence by submerging himself into her mind. If what she said was true, then it was the monster that killed Julius Holmes and not her.



What do you do

When the monsters in your head

Dance around you in your sleep

Leaving footprints in your bed?

I was told I was crazy

Because I saw sharks in my dreams.

I was told I needed help

When the snake in my nightmare took hold of me.

Little do they know

There’s more to the naked eye.

We’re all trapped here on earth

In a web full of lies.


He closed the paper, and walked off the stage. The audience was silent, and Ela could see others with expressions of confusion. Ela looked at Julius and saw his eyes were fixated on the empty stage.

“That was depressing,” she said.

“You’d have to lose your mind to understand,” he responded. Ela looked away, lowering her eyes. Lose my mind? Who is this man?

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