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Washington DC: The World Capital in the American Century 1940-1990 by Mark N. Ozer


Who? Where? When? and Why? are the questions to be asked when exploring Washington DC as it was affected by the era of the Cold War. The capital of the "free world," its political life largely reflected the foreign policy of militarization as the country carried the banner of liberal capitalism in the era of the American Century. During the Second World War, President Roosevelt mobilized the city and the country as a self-confident united society. During each of the following presidencies, the fruits of the Cold War included the secrecy it had generated; the "dirty tricks," it had justified; and the illusions it had propagated to the frequent detriment of the domestic life of the citizens. Indeed each of the presidents held the fate of the world in their hands. The White House became the only show on earth; the small city on the Potomac suddenly elevated to be the center of the universe.

"Washington DC: The World Capital in the American Century continues Mark N. Ozer's perusal of the history and development of the Nation's Capital. This volume examines how the capital was affected -- and reflected -- the role of the United States as the leading world power of the 20th century. It speaks about how it became a capital city that strove to represent the spirit of a constitutional republic and the epitome of enlightened capitalism. As in his other books, readers will find Ozer's latest offering to be marked by a keen ability to relate politics, architecture, and urban development together in concise, pithy, and insightful discussions." Donald Kennon, Vice President for Research, US Capitol Historical Society (Ret.)

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