Unsung Heroes! by Marc Lande


It’s a funky book that can be read cover to cover in a few sittings. Oh, how poor the product of the WFT franchise is these days…please DMV, let’s collectively bring back the glory days of WFT football if even for a season! So, here are 3 excerpts and 1 sketch from the book for anyone who is interested in learning about football, politics and lore.

“Football is not for everyone as I was always incredibly nervous playing rugby. But these blogs; definitely, something to think about and ways to have more fun playing at times a quite violent sport.”

“My experience of 40-plus years of watching football: Any QBs if they have time, they should play much better. So, to me, it starts with the Hogs here with WFT. A good OL and we will be super!”

“So, nice to see that at RFK, the same few days that Marshall’s statue has been removed, Mitchell is now honored at FedEx field. How would Mitchell and RFK be looking at today’s politics and the name R——— is anyone’s guess?”