99 Anagrams on 'Oscar Wilde' by Ulysses Poe


Praise for
99 Anagrams

“To frivolophiles everywhere querying, ‘Where resides
the new century’s Edward Lear, the contemporary Lewis Carroll?’ I would suggest, ‘You hold him in your own two meathooks.’”
- Hengest “Jimmi” Tegsma

“Like all the best nonsense doggerel, (Ulysses Poe’s)
verses lead the attentive reader everywhere…and
nowhere. So: where do you think you’re going?”
- Ethan J. “Eggtime” Simms

“…thoroughly pleasant to know. ’Tis brillig, for borogoves’ sake. Go on and outgrabe several copies.”
- Maj. Gengis T. Memshite