The Legend of Sensei Tsinelas (Paperback)

The Legend of Sensei Tsinelas By Jason Tanamor Cover Image

The Legend of Sensei Tsinelas (Paperback)


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POW BANG WHAM Victor, a superhero-obsessed teen, might work for Portland's newest vigilante. As he grapples with bullying and isolation, a social studies project becomes Victor's path to self-discovery, acceptance, and pride in his Filipino heritage.

Between a tsinelas-wielding superhero, a major social studies project, and take-out boxes of adobo and lumpia, seventeen-year-old Filipino American Victor Dela Cruz isn't sure how to get through high school without the help of a radioactive spider. Despite his attempts to assimilate into his mostly-white Portland high school, Victor has always felt like an outsider. He likes to think high school is his superhero origin story, and all he needs now are some superpowers.

His very own supervillain, Clint Robertson, Cleveland High's golden boy, and a major project about his ancestry makes Victor wish he had the power of invisibility. But when he witnesses his boss at the food truck slinging his trusty tsinelas to stop a thief in his tracks, Victor sees his chance to find the acceptance he's always craved. He believes he's found a hometown superhero, and he plans to convince his peers that the owner of Filipino Feast is secretly an undercover vigilante.

From the author of Love, Dance & Egg Rolls, Jason Tanamor's poignant narrative is a testament to resilience, reminding us that true strength and pride are found in embracing the rich tapestry of our own identities.

Product Details ISBN: 9781947845565
ISBN-10: 194784556X
Publisher: Ooligan Press
Publication Date: May 13th, 2025
Pages: 241
Language: English