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Few can blend lines and words into heartfelt storytelling like David Small. In his latest work readers follow thirteen year old Russell Pruitt as he grows up in the 1950s. Abandoned by his mother, Russell is forced to live with his emotionally abusive father. His circumstances only deteriorate from there for this isn’t a story of a teenager boldly overcoming life’s obstacles. This is a tale of a boy struggling to tread the murky waters of an uncertain and tragic adolescence. Beautifully rendered, masterfully told, this is a book you won’t be able to resist reading when you’re home after dark.    

Home After Dark: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780871403155
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Published: Liveright - September 11th, 2018

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This is the cutest comic I’ve ever read! Hazel and Mari meet while going to church bingo with their grandmothers. They quickly become friends and soon realize they both want more from each other. Because their families force them apart, this becomes a love story that spans over sixty years. By the end of the comic, you see that being your true self offers the possibility of living your happiest life.

Bingo Love Volume 1 Cover Image
By Tee Franklin, Jenn St Onge (Artist), Joy San (Artist)
ISBN: 9781534307506
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Published: Image Comics - February 20th, 2018

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"Oh, this? It's laced with drugs." So begins the infamous comic that inspired this year's popular anime Devilman Crybaby, assembled in English for the first time! Dated it may be, and riddled with scenes that range from horrifying to insensitive. But a beating heart pulses beneath the absurd surface of this story: Akira Fudo fights demons to keep his friends and family safe, but a greater evil still may lurk within the heart of man. Witness the tale that traumatized all your favorite artists when they were children.

Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 1 Cover Image
ISBN: 9781626927575
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Published: Seven Seas - May 22nd, 2018